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Here are all the books that I reviewed for The Nameless Zine in 2021. All links here will take you to thenamelesszine.org.

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April 2021

Joe R. Lansdale - Hyenas gf (Hap and Leonard #8a)
Django Wexler - The Infernal Battalion (The Shadow Campaigns #5)
Ethan Russell Elway az - Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis (Michael Belmont #1)
Kenneth Robeson - The Munitions Master (Doc Savage #66)
Guy N. Smith - Night of the Werewolf
Joan D. Vinge - The Snow Queen hw (Tiamat #1)

March 2021

Joe R. Lansdale - Devil Red gf (Hap & Leonard #8)
Arthur C. Clarke - The Fountains of Paradise hw
Kenneth Robeson - The Giggling Ghosts (Doc Savage #65)
Thomas Watson az - The Gryphon Stone
Django Wexler - The Guns of Empire (The Shadow Campaigns #4)
Guy N. Smith - Night of the Crabs (Crabs #1)
Un-Su Kim - The Plotters

February 2021

Vonda N. McIntyre - Dreamsnake hw
Martha Wells - Exit Strategy (The Murderbot Diaries #4)
Alexandra Oliva - The Last One
Ernest Hogan az - Smoking Mirror Blues
Kenneth Robeson - The Submarine Mystery (Doc Savage #64)
Joe R. Lansdale - Vanilla Ride gf (Hap and Leonard #7)
Guy Smith - Werewolf by Moonlight (Werewolf #1)

January 2021

Joe R. Lansdale - Captains Outrageous gf (Hap and Leonard #6)
Guy N. Smith - The Casebook of Raymond Odell gf
Timothy Zahn - Dragon and Thief (Dragonback #1)
Frederik Pohl - Gateway hw (Heechee Saga #1)
Joe Sergi (ed.) - Great Zombies in History gn
Steven Barnes - Iron Shadows
Kenneth Robeson - The Motion Menace (Doc Savage #63)
David Lee Summers az - Owl Dance (Clockwork Legion #1)
Nella Larsen - Passing
Django Wexler - The Price of Valor (The Shadow Campaigns #3)
Martha Wells - Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries #3)
Chloe Neill - Wicked Hour (Heirs of Chicagoland #2)

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