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Doc Savage Runthrough


Since I discovered that Doc Con existed and had an amazing time there in 2015, filling in most of the gaps on my bookshelf in the process, I felt driven to revisit the Doc Savage novels. I adored them when I was younger but hadn't read them in years and, however many I had read, I certainly hadn't read all, perhaps even most, of them.

As I've been reviewing books for The Nameless Zine over the previous couple of years and they post monthly, the same frequency as Doc Savage Magazine published, this project leapt at me fully formed.

Put simply, I'd re-read them in the order of their original publication in that pulp magazine, one per month, so that I could see how they progressed over time, and review them at the Nameless Zine from that perspective. This is an active project and I'm still writing these for the Nameless Zine and then consolidating them here.

To read the reviews here, just click on the pulp covers below or the titles below them. These reviews also interlink if you want to read through them in order. Links to the original Nameless Zine posts are towards the top of each review.

1933 | 1934 | 1935 | 1936 | 1937



# Month Title Author Cover Artist Bantam
1 March The Man of Bronze Lester Dent Walter M. Baumhofer 1
2 April The Land of Terror 8
3 May Quest of the Spider 68
4 June The Polar Treasure 4
5 July Pirate of the Pacific 19
6 August The Red Skull 17
7 September The Lost Oasis 6
8 October The Sargasso Ogre 18
9 November The Czar of Fear 22
10 December The Phantom City 10
# Month Title Author Cover Artist Bantam
11 January Brand of the Werewolf Lester Dent Walter M. Baumhofer 5
12 February The Man Who Shook the Earth 43
13 March Meteor Menace 3
14 April The Monsters 7
15 May The Mystery on the Snow 69
16 June The King Maker Harold A. Davis 79
17 July The Thousand-Headed Man Lester Dent 2
18 August The Squeaking Goblin 35
19 September Fear Cay 11
20 October Death in Silver 26
21 November The Sea Magician 44
22 December The Annihilist 31
# Month Title Author Cover Artist Bantam
23 January The Mystic Mullah Richard Sale Walter M. Baumhofer 9
24 February The Red Snow Lester Dent 38
25 March Land of Always-Night W. Ryerson Johnson 13
26 April The Spook Legion Lester Dent 16
27 May The Secret in the Sky 20
28 June The Roar Devil 88
29 July The Quest of Qui 12
30 August Spook Hole 70
31 September The Majii J. Allan Dunn 60
32 October Dust of Death Harold A. Davis 32
33 November Murder Melody Lawrence Donovan 15
34 December The Fantastic Island W. Ryerson Johnson 14
# Month Title Author Cover Artist Bantam
35 January Murder Mirage Lawrence Donovan Walter M. Baumhofer 71
36 February Mystery Under the Sea Lester Dent 27
37 March The Metal Master 72
38 April The Men Who Smiled No More Lawrence Donovan 45
39 May The Seven Agate Devils Martin E. Baker 73
40 June The Haunted Ocean Lawrence Donovan 51
41 July The Black Spot 76
42 August The Midas Man Lester Dent 46
43 September Cold Death Lawrence Donovan 21
44 October The South Pole Terror Lester Dent John Philip Falter 77
45 November Resurrection Day Robert George Harris 36
46 December The Vanisher 52
# Month Title Author Cover Artist Bantam
47 January Land of Long Juju Lawrence Donovan Robert George Harris 47
48 February The Derrick Devil Lester Dent 74
49 March The Mental Wizard 53
50 April The Terror in the Navy 33
51 May Mad Eyes Lawrence Donovan 34
52 June The Land of Fear Harold A. Davis 75
53 July He Could Stop the World Lawrence Donovan 54
54 August Ost Lester Dent 89
55 September The Feathered Octopus 48
56 October Repel 28
57 November The Sea Angel 49
58 December The Golden Peril Harold A. Davis 55

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