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Much of my writing nowadays falls into one project or another, many of which are designed to end up in book form, while others might just follow suit at some point in time. Who knows?

It's about time I started to index them here at Dawtrina.com so that I have easy reference points wherever I'm at in the world, even without access to my master spreadsheets. They may be useful to others who follow these projects, as a help for the ones that they're interested in and a pointer to the ones they may not have known about.

Active Projects

Doc Savage Runthrough | Hugo Award Runthrough

Doc Savage Runthrough

Since I discovered that Doc Con existed and had an amazing time there in 2015, filling in most of the gaps on my bookshelf in the process, I felt driven to revisit the Doc Savage novels. I adored them when I was younger but hadn't read them in years and, however many I'd read, I certainly hadn't read all, perhaps even most, of them.

As I've been reviewing books for The Nameless Zine (thenamelesszine.org) over the last couple of years and they post monthly, the same frequency as Doc Savage Magazine was published, this project leapt at me fully formed.

Put simply, I'd re-read them in the order of their original publication in that pulp magazine, one per month, so that I could see how they progressed over time, and review them at the Nameless Zine from that perspective.

Here's my index to Doc Savage Runthrough, where I'll copy over my monthly reviews from the Nameless Zine but accompany them with the original pulp covers rather than the Bantam paperbacks.

Hugo Award Runthrough

A realisation that, however widely I'm read in science fiction and fantasy, I haven't read all the novels that won Hugo Awards, led me to start a runthrough project where I'd review each winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel at The Nameless Zine (thenamelesszine.org).

I started in January 2019 and am working through them all, one per month, whether I've read them before or not.

Here's my index to Hugo Award Runthrough, where I'll copy over my monthly reviews from the Nameless Zine but accompany them with the covers of the editions I read rather than the ones that the zine's editors found.

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